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Weak UK Economy May Push Government to Greater Spending Cuts

Exchequer George Osborne Chancellor may be forced to declare billions of currency of additional spending cuts in next week’s budget statement as the poor finance makes it extremely hard for him to meet the fiscal rubrics. The Institute for Fiscal Studies revealed that the further rate-cut, considered to be as high as $17.5 billion, (11billion pounds) would see the period of austerity until 2017-18, which means the tough  times will run for another 8 years, than 5 years as he had forecasted.

In a separate note, center-right political sense the Centre for Policy Studies called for George Osborne to use the financial plan on December 5 to declare a reformation of the tax release, given on rich Briton’s pension payments that Govt pays GBP7 billion every passing year.

The CPS advises George scraps the release, replacing it with a ten percent rebate on pension value’s interest income and dividends as this change would cost the government to spend GBP4 billion annually rather GBP7 billion, saving nearly GBP3 billion per year. It would also become popular with the Liberal Democrats, who are the junior most allies in the coalition management and are vunerable supporters of reducing the tax payments offered to wealthy Britons. In the IFS statement, Carl Emmerson deputy director of think tank said the prospects for the UK economy has worsened noticeably since the March budget and the profit the government gets from tax release has been weaker than calculated.  Though the economy has been started to grow in the Q3 2012 after 9 months of reduction, many analysts feel that it would decline in the last quarter.

Carl Emmerson said the poor economy has serious allegations of whether or not George Osborne will meet his fiscal policies. The IFS report said that the IFS is on route to break the finance rule that demands the ratio of net debt to overall domestic product must be declining by 2015-2016. He would be the best suggested to discard few rules and replacing it with something better, ensuring it sustains for a longer period in order to give the significant boost as per target, said IFS report.

The structural budget deficit is also recommended to be eliminated, which remains in place when the economy is doing well over next five years. Osborne should extend the austerity measures until next five years and has to apply an extended spending cuts of GBP11 billion to meet the decree.

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